Plane Drops Feces Onto Sweet 16 Party

Plane Drops Feces Onto Sweet 16 Party

Girls Sweet 16 party has a drop in that no one invited.

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  1. T Bag
    T Bag says:

    Unless it was a Cessna and the pilot leaned out the window to dump a bucket of crap out… It wasn’t from a plane. I don’t blame the family for thinking this tho, I blame the "news" channel for perpetuating that nonsense.

  2. Cniq
    Cniq says:

    I was disappointed when i re-read the title…i thought it said fences..i was expecting big metal objects not poop….

  3. Rashed Khoory
    Rashed Khoory says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s not from a plane, there are hundreds of planes in the air every minute so it is normal if there was five planes above them.

  4. niconestra
    niconestra says:

    I went to university and studied for a degree in Journalism only to find myself using word-play like "doody free zone", splatt and number 2. Awesome.

  5. ExEcUtIoN W33D
    ExEcUtIoN W33D says:

    I thought the title said fences and was alike where is the fence is anyone hurt or dead? Nope I miss read the title and it was poop on a party…


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