When to do the Pedicure?

Do it at least 2 days before your wedding day, choose a Pedicure spa this includes the exfoliation to remove the dead cells and a massage for your feet and calves that will make you relax and activate your circulation, give it to your feet a moment Of beauty, a dreamy feet, humectados, is always synonymous with a woman who knows how to take care of herself and gives herself time to indulge herself. Choosing a cute color and adding some detail like glitter or ribbons will make your feet look perfect.

Wedding services pedicure

Spa pedicure

  • Cut and file nails
  • Exfoliation
  • Moisturizing Mask
  • Remove cuticle
  • Humidification of the feet
  • Massage to activate circulation
  • Nail polish

¿Que es Gelish?

Duración aproximada de 15 días

Perfecto si sales de vacaciones

Brillo y color

Rapida aplicación

Cuida tus uñas

Pedicure for bride

Pedicure for Bride

Pedicure for Bride

The trends in Pedicure for bride are endless, if you are classical chooses neutral colors, but if you are more daring, you can decide to decorate them, also take into account the details of your dress, your bouquet color and your makeup, this should make a Perfect game to create a total special look for you. The gelish is an excellent choice because it lasts for 15 days and shines amazingly.