Eyebrows desing

Before experimenting with your brows please go to expert hands, consider your face shape and your hair color, you can try several products either in shadows, pencil, gel and choose the one you like but always seeking the eyebrows look natural, well defined and with the correct color.
Choose a design for your eyebrow or is easier than you think

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Tips for your eyebrows

Go to a specialist eyebrows

Makeup your eyebrows before

Respects the natural birth of your hair

Check your type face

Sets the thickness before cleaning

eyebrows desing

How to make a eyebrow desing?

Measure the mark eyebrow lift
Clean with a profiler or wax
Wetting cream applied after cleaning
Make her up and fill evenly
Vellos rebels applies mascara

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if you dont have enough hair?

If you have very thin hair or with little eyebrows and you find difficult to design your eyebrows with tweezers do not worry because you have other options.

You can define your eyebrows with natural finish simulating products hair, like an opaque shadow applied with a brush, or even mascara that is not always waterproof color of your eyebrows. You can also design them with a liner also the same color. But avoids the very painted eyebrows because it can give a nice little effect.