Package for Bride

We know thousand ideas are around in your head but you need choose just one for the wedding definitely you need is makeup and hair test bride. To be sure about the most minimal detail.

think about the hour of the ceremony, weather, design your dress, it is essential to choose the best hairstyle and makeup on your wedding day.

We can do a special and unique package for you.

destination wedding cancun

Package #1

Airbrush makeup test
Hairtyle test
Pore sealant
False eyelashes
Ceja design
Eyebrow waxing
Contouring / Strobing
Hair and makeup wedding day
Place the veil

Package # 2

Wedding hairstyle
Airbrush makeup
Skin moisturization
Contouring / Strobing
Pore sealant
False eyelashes
Place the veil
Makeup and Hair Mama

These are just a few options you can use to give a different and unique touch to your hairstyle

  • Hair Back
  • Hair down
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair accesories
  • Flower crown
  • Braid hairstyle