Trash the dress

The photoshoot of a trash the dress is very fashionable among couples already married, this session is done after the wedding and the bride and groom are more relaxed and want to do some photos with an artistic touch, the idea is that the bride wear the same dress she wore at her wedding, and the groom wear the same outfit to pose together on stage as a beautiful beach, forest, underwater, in a desert.

This trend of artistic photographs is very popular in the Riviera Maya being preferred to marry foreigners and Mexicans in the beautiful Caribbean beaches and stunning cenotes, where the water is transparent and where photographers capture the best underwater shots destination .

Trash the dress makeup and hairstyle

Hair and Makeup To Trash the Dress

Your hair and makeup are perfect course is paramount and do not forget to enjoy your photo shoot and smile, so the only thing we recommend is to enjoy those moments, and let our expert makeup artists to photography take over you’re spectacular in your makeup and hair. It would be a great pleasure to share this day with you and your husband and immortalize your smile in photos and art of our team of makeup artists and stylists.

Services Photo Shoot

  • Hairstyle
  • Makeup
  • Contouring / strobing
  • Hair and makeup for Groom
  • Eyebrow design
  • Acrylic nails
  • Gelish
  • Mehndi
Airbrush makeup for trash the dress

Waterproof makeup

Airbrush makeup is waterproof and making it the best option to look perfect in every photograph, remember that there are photographs with art and can dare more than what you’re used to, for example lips in red, pink electric, even purple, an accessory in your hair, or maybe a cute necklace can be excellent option for your hair can choose a cute loose or gathered hairstyle taking into account always the scenario chosen for this great moment so fun, believe me will an unforgettable photographs but the experience will spend with your husband is what will keep forever.