WATCH: The Royal Wedding in full: Harry & Meghan | CBC Special

WATCH: The Royal Wedding in full: Harry & Meghan | CBC Special

WATCH ​​​​The Royal Wedding​​ in full​: Harry & Meghan, our live special hosted by Adrienne Arsenault​, with guest Katie Nicholl.

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29 replies
  1. livin kitten
    livin kitten says:

    After watching the entire thing unedited live I’m convinced that this is not a genuine marriage. I was turned off by all the smirking and eye rolling by the celebrity people, the only one that was classy was Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Harry looked like he was doing some rethinking and Ms. Markle looked liked she was happy for striking the lottery. I really do wish the best for Harry seeing that this is her 2nd time getting married. She does come across as a gold digger, that’s what she showed of herself live. All the best.

  2. Angelo Picasso
    Angelo Picasso says:

    Nothing, Maybe that’s all he could get.  the dark races are less choosey. His brother did way way better. But now that I look in some pictures she’s not bad maybe too skinny

  3. Blaine Dares
    Blaine Dares says:

    The very very best to the bride and groom I hope Harry will now settle down and be the married man that he has become Meghan I hope you both will take your vows very very seriously as you have done this before God who is the Highest of all

  4. Elizabeth Burnhill
    Elizabeth Burnhill says:

    lol for all the Canadian racists out there, I think it’s hilarious that the only place your willing to show your true colours are in Mommies basement because you realize hate speech is not a protected right in Canada’s constitution… equal protection for all races ethnicities, religions, is. There are countries that protect their lack of diversity. Please move to them!

  5. Elizabeth Burnhill
    Elizabeth Burnhill says:

    More over most of you need to learn to read first though because not understanding the bible is kinda sad. Like missing the point all together is completely pathetic. Grow up ok? Get an education and you can be healthy, contributing members of society. Life is short – enjoy it while it lasts :D

  6. NoLeads Ent.
    NoLeads Ent. says:

    more self-loathing royalty marrying themselves to thin the effects of inbred behaviour since the Windsor family changed their name from the German origins.
    ah well. off with your head NoLeads. the truth will never be breached :D

  7. Sal Reed
    Sal Reed says:

    Here we’re all watching the biggest gathering of thieves, pedos n Satanists ever. Well done stupids….YOU allow THEM to murder OUR children. WHY?

  8. Elizabeth Burnhill
    Elizabeth Burnhill says:

    This was powerful, emotional and moving. The speaker who quoted doctor king took my breathe away. I have never been so proud to be part of the Monarchy. We are blessed to be a commonwealth nation :)

  9. tgooding
    tgooding says:

    It’s been along time since I cried at a wedding but I cried at this one. Beautiful reporting on a beautiful day. God bless them…

  10. Atorry Badmind
    Atorry Badmind says:

    Markle’s great-great-grandmother Mary Hussey Smith, a descendant of King Edward III
    Among Markle’s distant ancestors are his paternal great-great-grandmother New Hampshire landowner Mary Hussey Smith (died 1908) who was a direct descendant of Captain Christopher Hussey.[27] Other ancestors include King Robert I of Scotland, Sir Philip Wentworth and his wife, Mary Clifford, a descendant of King Edward III of England


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