Possibly the most EMOTIONAL wedding video you’ll EVER watch

Possibly the most EMOTIONAL wedding video you’ll EVER watch

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  1. Unstoppable Morgan
    Unstoppable Morgan says:

    She for sure should have found the self control to lose some of that belly fat before the wedding. She seems nice though.

  2. Stacia Gallagher
    Stacia Gallagher says:

    This is sooo beautiful, I’m getting married in a year and a half this makes me so happy and excited.. blessings to you both

  3. Where is François ?
    Where is François ? says:

    Hi, did you shoot this at 24 or 60 fps ? I am shooting my first wedding video next week and dont know which one to use… thanks a lot :)
    Amazing piece of art!

  4. LoveMe,com
    LoveMe,com says:

    Their vows to each other made this video so amazingly beautiful they were very sincere and you can absolutely see it through their eyes that they are so deeply in love with each other.


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