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38 replies
  1. Yu Studios
    Yu Studios says:

    "god’s plan" LOL all jokes aside, this is a beautifully produced video. All the best things presented in the best way!!

  2. Cerys Beynon
    Cerys Beynon says:

    i love you guys and wish you all the best, ive watched this video coubtless times and i tear up every time. wish you a long and happy future together with camper and honey ilyl xx

  3. Alisa Torrence
    Alisa Torrence says:

    I watched your video when you first posted it now I can’t stop watching it! Love it so much and whenever I need a reminder of what a Christ-centered love looks like I can come to your channel and watch videos like this to remind me :) I pray that God continues to bless you both and your marrige.

  4. Jebbus
    Jebbus says:

    Like made me cry because not only am I happy for them and it made me think of my own relationship but his first and middle name is the name of my love and it instantly made me get teary

  5. Pooja Katara
    Pooja Katara says:

    I’m literally in tears. Watching you both love each other in such a pure and beautiful way makes my soul happy. I love you both so much and wish nothing but the best for you guys. You both genuinely deserve everything you desire. May God bless you both!

  6. Emmabele Repnyek
    Emmabele Repnyek says:

    I’m crying like a baby while watching this. I get married next year, I can already tell that I’m going to be an absolute mess lol

  7. Olivia Horner
    Olivia Horner says:

    I’ve watched many wedding videos on YouTube (because I’m kinda obsessed oops) but this by far is the best one I’ve ever seen! This brought tears to my eyes and is so beautiful I could watch it 10x over again. You both are such amazing role models and it’s clear to see the love you have for one another. I hope one day to have a love like yours and I’m so happy for you both :)

  8. Eliana Paul
    Eliana Paul says:

    I´ve watched this video over and over again and still touched. it is so beautiful to watch you guys love eachother. I really love how you love eachother :) It is SO so so beautiful to see. :)
    I´ve been crying watching this, every frickin single time and I guess it is you guys´s appearance that makes me so happy after having watched your wedding video. I just love your love.! Okay, i know I´ve sad it a hundred times thoughout those couple lines.
    Thank you for showing us this special footage of your special day in life, you guys !
    Your are truely two gifts to this world i guess. I wish i was friends with you.

    My absoulte fav part of this video is seeing marcus walk to the aile or to say so the moments before we can see you being steps away from your spot, where you are waiting for your beautiful wife (to be). :)
    3:37 – >

  9. Victoria Stinson
    Victoria Stinson says:

    From Canada, so first time seeing this. And it just made my heart feel full. You two truly deserve the love you give to each other. You’re blessed with such kind and beautiful souls and I’ve never been so happy for a couple ❤️ your love will never fade


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