Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8

Five years, eight months, 12 days…and counting. That’s how long Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) has been devising the biggest heist of her life. She knows what it’s going to take—a team of the best in their field, starting with her partner-in-crime Lou Miller (Cate Blanchett). Together, they recruit a crew of specialists: jeweler Amita (Mindy Kaling); street con Constance (Awkwafina); expert fence Tammy (Sarah Paulson); hacker Nine Ball (Rihanna); and fashion designer Rose (Helena Bonham Carter). The target is a cool $150 million dollars in diamonds—diamonds that will be around the neck of world-famous actress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), who will be centerstage at the event of the year, the Met Gala. The plan is rock solid, but everything will need to be flawless if the team is going to get in and get away with the ice. All in plain sight.

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  1. Keiko Takasawa
    Keiko Takasawa says:

    Like someone says.., why do we have to pay more than seeing it in the theater?? It shouldn’t be priced more than the theater’s…

  2. Chris Oliver
    Chris Oliver says:

    OMG….BOOOORING movie. Completely predictable and everything always went their way with hardly any issues or setbacks. Thank god I only rented it.

  3. Atticus
    Atticus says:

    I have no inherit problem with this being all women (and I am a woman so sorry to anyone wanting to yell about me being a neckbeard) but them killing Danny offscreen, immediately, is an instant indicator of how little respect this film has for previous installments and men as a whole. Add onto that, the only male with a big role is a prick who betrayed our protagonist, we have several jabs at men in the film, and they even directly take the plot points from the first movie, an Ocean is released from jail, they go to their best friend to help them pull off a con, the con has a layer of revenge in it. It’s basically the first movie in a lot of ways, which makes it seem like they just wanted to make a Danny Ocean movie but hate men to much to do that.

  4. Sybil
    Sybil says:

    Aside the ‘labels" that are all too available…may I just add mine?….lol.. I’ll call it a another sequeal to the original "Oceans" series.

  5. Danielle Anastasia
    Danielle Anastasia says:

    Just finished watching this. It’s a good movie…not awesome but still good. Sandra, Rihanna and Anne were my favs. The problem was it lacked the friendship aspect of Ocean’s 11. Cate’s role was not believable as a long time friend and partner of Sandra’s. Clooney and Pitt felt like old friends. The pickpocket turned out to be pretty cool but did not have Matt damon star power….which made it more impressive that I liked her character. Rihanna was being typical awesome Rihanna…definitely my favorite character. Helena Bonham Carter was her typical oddball self which I loved. Mindy Kaling was bland as Cate Blanchett. That is unfortunate. Anne Hathaway was cool but her role a bit unlikely. So overall I watched this DESPITE the remarks from Cate and Mindy attacking "white men" for the mixed reviews. I believe there are some FANS of Ocean’s 11 that were disappointed cause there was not the same "feel" to this movie. But the movie did not spit on the originals and was a movie that stood on it’s own for the most part. I hope in Ocean’s 9 and 10 Mindy and Cate can stay away from racial attacks on Twitter and focus on making a movie that does not feel like the friendships are forced and fake. Otherwise a decent movie. So thanx to the cast that made it worth watching….Sandra, Rihanna, Anne, Helena and Awkwafina.

  6. richman69ify
    richman69ify says:

    Honestly this movie was a waste of money and time. It wasn’t due to the full female cast that 1) obviously did not work well together or 2) the complete lack of witty humor from the other Ocean movies in the series. This movie tried making a statement just like Ghostbuster’s reboot. It failed cause these movies were designed with different intentions and views which constructed their base originally. Instead of trying to change the direction the original films flowed, maybe the director’s should of came up with a original idea for once instead of trying to squeeze old dying series for more money

  7. Daniel Wharton
    Daniel Wharton says:

    another example of women wanting to capitalize on Male roles, but really suck at it.
    here’s a hint, the plot should be believable to start with. feminism has gotten way out of hand. should call it men haters instead.

  8. Darius HAMPTON
    Darius HAMPTON says:

    "Finally finished" I watched part of it yesterday I’m not going to say movie critics when I got to the end I remeber this is a James bond movie

  9. Lulu
    Lulu says:

    This is probably the most politically correct female crew: they’ve got the white Asian, African American, Indian and of course, white.

  10. JustAMessenger
    JustAMessenger says:

    I tried to rent this movie and after YouTube charged my card, the app froze. I restarted the app and could not watch my rented movie, and yet my card was still charged. I got a refund, but will never rent movies from the YouTube app EVER AGAIN. Until this ridiculous bug is fixed.


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