My best of 2012

My best of 2012
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These are my personal favorite, I wanted to put another one of the "Aloha" session which may be my favorite session, one with just re-ments. Anyway, it’s nice to see that sometimes my favorites are not yours, and sometimes they are. My two favorites are n° 4 & 10.

And you may notice that three of my dolls are not there, Rory, because she has just arrived so very pictures yet. But more surprisingly, Mi Wyn and Mirka are not there. They had very few pictures this year, one or two each maybe. Why ? i don’t know, they just don’t inspire me for pictures. But maybe I have plans for a session with Mirka sometime.

And to finish, I’m curious : Do you have a favorite picture in this mosaic (or in my photostream) ?

1. Majestueuse, 2. Urban, 3. The woods, 4. Aloha !, 5. Summer girl, 6. The lake, 7. Nature girl, 8. Somewhere near the sea (+1 in comment), 9. Patience, 10. Rooftop, 11. Summer time, 12. Sweet birthday, 13. Working girl,14. I love rock’n roll, 15. Normandy – Sunset on the sea, 16. Picnic in the park
By Tramidepain on 2012-12-21 11:32:23

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  1. Cowgirl_00
    Cowgirl_00 says:

    Moi j’ai un faible pour les photos 4 et 11 (de haut en bas et de gauche à droite), Andrea et Michelle resteront toujours mes chouchoutes dans ta famille…

  2. pure_embers
    pure_embers says:

    Oh my, i love so many of these shots! ♥ You have a stunning photostream and all of these pics in the mosaic are gorgeous. It’s so hard for me to choose a favourite because these are my two favourites of Cam! :D and i also really love Summer time with Andrea! ♥ Honestly, so many of these are just superb, i could have lots of favourites!
    I’m really pleased i found your ‘stream, i enjoy your pictures immensely ♥

  3. Chaemoon
    Chaemoon says:

    Quelle magnifique famille! J’adore découvrir les photos de tes puces car à chaque fois les paysages devant lesquels elles posent me font rêver :)

  4. Astrihol
    Astrihol says:

    So many wonderful pictures and cute girls! : ) It is difficult to chose just one favorite among all your awesome pictures, but the one I remember really well is the one of Dido at Niagara Falls. It combines both awesome nature and a very pretty little girl!

  5. Tramidepain
    Tramidepain says:

    [] Merci =D c’est vrai que de plus en plus j’emmène mes poupées partout avec moi, j’aime faire des photos dans de nouveaux endroits ^^
    [] thanks a lot ! This picture was not very popular though, I’m glad you like it =)
    [] Wow, thanks a lot, I admire your photos and coming from you that’s such a pleasure =D and I’m so glad you like Cam that much ;D
    [] Andrea a très bien évolué je trouve et j’ai vraiment du plaisir à la prendre en photo, même après tant de temps passé avec elle =) Merci à vous, je suis toujours ravie de vous voir par ici ;D
    [] Ah bah tu as posté toi, je ne t’avais pas vu ^^ Merci la soeurette =D je sais qu’Andrea est ta petite chouchoute ^_-
    [] Et bien, merci beaucoup ! j’espère que 2013 sera aussi riche en photo =)
    [] Merci copine <3
    [] Oh yeah, Niagara Falls was such a nice background for a doll =D I like it too even if I preferred to put the one in Canada on the roof, but I’m very happy you like it. Thank you <3

  6. Me&Maruschka
    Me&Maruschka says:

    Cette "rétrospective" de 2012 me rappelle à quel point tu nous as enchanté cette année avec tes incroyables photos … vivement 2013 !!

  7. Aile et Luit* ♥
    Aile et Luit* ♥ says:

    Michelle… THE top modèle de la mort !
    mais cette année, nos photos favorites vont à Andrea… Si douce et rêveuse… Notamment sur la photo Summer Time.
    Des poses toujours très naturelles, réalistes, qui rendent tes poupées vivantes :)
    Merci pour ces magnifiques photos ^^


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