Devin’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Devin’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Devin had her sweet sixteen / Quinceañera at Indian Wells Country Club. Her father did the shoe ceremony and danced with her. What a beautiful young lady and such a fun party!

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  1. Zaeana Santos
    Zaeana Santos says:

    Why are people being so negative. This is HER Sweet Sixteen! If her parents want to spend thousands of dollars for their daughter, then they can. Maybe she’s been a well behaved daughter her whole life and they want to spoil her. Just because your parents may not do this for you, does not mean you can bash her for her parents doing it for her. Simple as that.

  2. Lady Flores
    Lady Flores says:

    They forgot to feed me at mine i will never forget it i had tea and rice not even cake i hope my kids get better

  3. Big Dick
    Big Dick says:

    Wish my parents would do something so amazing for me but they only care about my sister. i’ve always been the hated child

  4. Emily Froehlich
    Emily Froehlich says:

    everything is so beautiful!!!!!! If my parents would spend that much money on my birthdays we would be poor af XD

  5. Rishi Gunness
    Rishi Gunness says:

    good job guys but you should work on getting the clients to look more natural like the walk. Just tell her "walk to me" and she will look less planned and more spontaneous.

  6. AbbyKitten Santos
    AbbyKitten Santos says:

    I have to go to one today! I’m the flower girl! I have to give the flowers to all the men to give to the special girl!

  7. luna the dog srar is my last name
    luna the dog srar is my last name says:

    when im 16 im going to have a huge party and every thing has to be tiffany blue color that what i told my mom and i told her you have 6 more years to save up

  8. Wieudbchsjs cadichon
    Wieudbchsjs cadichon says:

    That was cute and very beautiful and it does kinda looks like a wedding but it was still nice p.s I’m going to my friends sweet 16 on Sunday.

  9. Anastasiya Trofimova
    Anastasiya Trofimova says:

    Ничоси как в Америке празднуют др,в шикарных платьях…а я дома в домашней одежде справляю с одним тортом и с лп,плюс игры в карты и все:|

  10. Sarah Kereen
    Sarah Kereen says:

    I’m turning 16 in 9 days and I still got no plan if I should have a party or not. I’m literally stressed out but if I don’t get a party for my 16th birthday, my debut would be so amazing.


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