Makeup and Hairstyle

You can take into account the weather, the place, the dress, your style,accesories, Sometimes it is good choice for a test hair and makeup, and so you can choose from several hairstyles and makeup, ask experts Betzy Style which type of makeup and what makeup is best for your type of face.

airbrush makeup for sweet sixteen

Hair and Makeup for Sweet Sixteen

You must take into account  in her hair and makeup?

Look young and fresh
Do not overdo makeup
Consider the dress design
The time and venue
Type face and hair
Hair and makeup trends in current

Classic Makeup

Brown, beige tones are the most common colors and is better than any skin type is going really well.

For lips you can opt for a neutral color and a layer of eyelashes or false eyelashes natural looking.

Airbrush Makeup and hair for sweet sixteen

makeup in cancun

Golden Goddess makeup

Needless get the sun for hours to get a tan color. With a little makeup bronzer, you can get a sunny without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays appearance. To achieve a perfect golden makeup for a young teenager, used golden tones such as gold or bronze, And your lips wears a pink tone.