Extreme Makeup Challenge Mystery Wheel! | Mystery Makeup Monday

Extreme Makeup Challenge Mystery Wheel! | Mystery Makeup Monday

Hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope you guys are excited for new content!

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  1. G Messec
    G Messec says:

    I’m so glad the wheel stayed! I love watching these videos; they make me smile and laugh the whole time.
    I’d be 100% with the idea of doing this again and switching out the ‘challenges’ you’ve already landed on with something else for variety.
    I checked out your channel from someone else’s recommendation (can’t remember who, sorry) when Fenty Beauty launched and was so impressed by the professional quality that I stayed. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ava Logan
    Ava Logan says:

    all your subscribers have been dragging Tiffany Ma because she did one makeup wheel, saying she stole your idea and not giving your credit when she mentioned that she got the idea from you

  3. Amethyst Samia
    Amethyst Samia says:

    You could go live and let the viewers pick your makeup and tell you how to apply it. That would be so fun!

    I know what you mean about ripping off another business, or makeup channel. I actually unsubbed from a channel because they took your mystery makeup Monday and did something so stupid, but it was obviously a rip off of you. And she had the nerve to say that you were doing something similar. I dropped her immediately. And I told her about herself as well. Never really liked that channel anyway. I don’t want to reveal the channel…unless someone asks. Then I have to. Haha!

    Love THIS channel because you’re so original and so fun, and so damn good st what you do. Good for you!

  4. KokoKoture
    KokoKoture says:

    Next one have a special guest, use a box filled with random things. Have them reach in and whatever they pull out you have to base your look around it

  5. Raven Clay
    Raven Clay says:

    Hey Alissa, you’re doing great. I love the wheel and mystery makeup Mondays, keep it coming. Can’t wait to see what to see whats new to come : )

  6. Ms. Vasquez
    Ms. Vasquez says:

    This was so entertaining to watch! Was this the same idea as last week’s before you took it down? I wasn’t sure.

  7. SASSS S
    SASSS S says:

    I subscribed when I saw your 100 layers of highlighter challenge and I love your content since then❤️❤️❤️


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