Casey’s Sweet 16 Party Surprise – Her First Car!

Casey’s Sweet 16 Party Surprise – Her First Car!

My grandaugther, Casey Lynn, gets her first car on her 16th birthday. Mom and dad SPOILED her with a Mercedes SUV… The Birthday Girl is walked out blindfolded by her best friend, Grandmom Janet and her mom…. Party Girl is crying before she even sees the ribbon-wrapped car! What’s up with that???!!! Her sweet 16 party was a great success – looked like a hundred people there, and an XLNT time was had by all! Even by this old man… As Casey’s great grampa used to say, “If you’re gonna do something, you may as well do something right…” Dad got it right – GREAT PARTY CASEY! Love, Grampa!

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  1. 14598175
    14598175 says:

    ••••Drivers under the age of 20 have a crash rate about 3.5 times the rate of mature drivers.

    •••••It is estimated that on average, for every driver age 15 to 17 killed in a crash, there are nearly two other people who are killed in the accident.

    •••••Crash rates are highest at age 16.

    And they *give* her a Merceds? What values are parents teaching kids besides entitlement and no value on what you earn? And we wonder why the recession happened?

  2. Andrea Julian
    Andrea Julian says:

    aww! your granddaughter looks so sweet :)! i’m pretty sure she deserved that SUV though cuz she seems so wonderful :)!


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