The Imperial Girl

The Imperial Girl
Main Carnival”s parade. Ciudad Real. 18, February. 2018.

Parade Sunday, Piñata, Carnival of Ciudad Real. 18 February. 2018.


Asoc. Cult. The Burleta (Field of Criptana, Ciudad Real).

Licensed under CC Attribution-No Derivatives. All use without explicit authorization is allowed under the terms of the license. Higher resolution with non-signature version is available.

Licensed under CC Attribution-No Derivative Works. It allows any use without permission is an explicit under the terms of that license – Available version in higher resolution without the signature.
By The Whisperer of the Shadows on 2018-02-18 15:08:02

Makeup of two maikos

the Makeup of two maikos
Two maiko of different ranges. To the right, the younger with more make-up, pink on white pasta; to the left, the more experienced (and therefore, with less touch pink)
By Lau_chan on 2003-09-29 23:38:03

Best Barbers in The World /Barbershop U.S.A 2018/ Haircut Hairstyle

Best Barbers in The World /Barbershop U.S.A 2018/ Haircut Hairstyle

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