this upload is quite late, i fell asleep while editing this shot…
it´s quite hard to write something at the moment because my eyes are making it hard for me to see anything..

aah do you know that tomorrow is friday?? yeeeah!! weekend!!

strobist info: two studio strobes with beauty dishes clamshell lighting @ 1/8 and @ 1/16

By coschda on 2010-03-25 20:51:10

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  1. Alex Zyuzikov
    Alex Zyuzikov says:

    There are so many awesome things about this shot… The light in her eyes, her expression, the tones and clarity, amazing work. Just beautiful.

  2. .avina.
    .avina. says:

    Darn that’s a pretty picture… and she’s such a pretty girl!
    Love the beauty dish catch light, man! Well shot as always!

  3. Håvard Hole
    Håvard Hole says:

    Her lips. Her lips. Eyes, I`m spechless, pretty much. I love her lips, this is a favoriiiite! Ooh so nice. It turned out good though you fell asleep, haha!


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