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the Beach
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Home made Christmas treats!

Home made Christmas treats!
Tiny Teddies on Sleighs!

Strobist: Single Metz 58 on 1/16th into umbrella, camera right
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Marquette fans in D.C.

Marquette fans in D.C.
Anticipating the Sweet 16 game against Miami, March 28, 2013.
By Marquette University on 2013-03-27 11:58:10

Sweet 16 Year Old Birthday Party – Vancouver, BC

Sweet 16 Year Old Birthday Party – Vancouver, BC
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2008 11-16 Madonna Sticky & Sweet Houston (226)

2008 11-16 Madonna Sticky & Sweet Houston (226)
By on 2008-11-16 22:46:28

Winston the Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier mix! Paws N’ Time Rescue (Lancaster, PA) — ADOPTED!

Winston the Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier mix! Paws N’ Time Rescue (Lancaster, PA) — ADOPTED!
Updated July 16, 2011: Winston is 7-8 month old pup who came from York County SPCA after being found as a stray. He is 50 pounds and gorgeous! Winston is working on housebreaking and leash-training, but does very, very well with other dogs, loves to play and is eager to please. Once leash-trained he’d be a fantastic running partner. He knows some basic commands. Winston is crate-trained as well. He is the kind of dog who does a happy dance when he sees you, leans into your leg for pets and is a loyal companion. The only thing he doesn’t love is the car, but with more exposure to it, this problem is getting better. He seems very scared of cars and we wonder if perhaps he had a few near-misses when he was a stray. He used to bark at cars while on walks but is learning that this kind of behavior isn’t okay, so he is getting better with that. This sweet boy wins the hearts of many, so we certainly hope he wins your heart and that you will give him a chance at a better life.

Visit Winston on Petfinder!

Winston was adopted in September 2011!
By Rob Swatski on 2011-07-09 12:07:20

Mixed CD / 16 Tracks

Mixed CD / 16 Tracks
i had just finished making a mixed cd for my brother (with accompanying album art) and thought i should finally get around to writing 16 things about me. i wanted to do 16 things i hate about myself or something…but i thought the track listing idea would be a pretty fun.

16 Things about me

01 I don’t really care for sweets
02 Despite my protest, I’ve finally aquired a taste for beer
03 I wouldn’t know how to function without my wife
04 Some of my friends have only one good quality: persistence
05 There isn’t much I like more than the rush when something makes me nervous
06 Music is a huge part of my life, even though I have practically no talent
07 I’ve only kissed two women in my life
08 Video games don’t really hold my interest very often
09 I see more and more of my Father in me as I age; I’m happy about that
10 My wife and I are trying to have a baby
11 When I was little, I scammed old ladies into buying used underwear
12 Jesus is not as big of a part of my life as I would like
13 I will learn to play the guitar one day
14 Helping other people makes me happy
15 Not starting every statement with ‘I’ was very difficult for me
16 I think highly of myself, but usually throw on a facade of humility

here’s a link to the CD i made…you know the drill…support artist if you like them. i’m sure this isn’t legal.

Download CD (zip)
Track Listing

01 The Annuals – Carry Around
02 mewithoutyou – In a Sweater Poorly Knit
03 Kanye West – Good Night (feat. Mos Def)
04 He is Legend – The Seduction
05 The W’s – Tip from Me
06 My Brightest Diamond – Something of an End
07 Damien Jurado – Sucker
08 Liz Janes – Proposition
09 MC Frontalot – Nerdcore Hiphop
10 Panjabi MC – Ghalia Gurian
11 Anathallo – Italo
12 Firecracker Jazz Band – Firecrackers Rule
13 Sage Francis – Slow Down Ghandi
14 Spoon – The Way We Get By
15 Showbread – Mouth Like a Magazine
16 Minus the Bear – Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister
17 The Dismemberment Plan – Face of the Earth
18 Tourniquet – Ark of Suffering
19 Liz Janes – Wonderkiller
20 As Cities Burn – The Widow

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